This is me!

Hi there!I’m Claire and I live in North Staffordshire with my lovely husband Tony and my fantastic (and very demanding cats, aka “Fur kids”. I am a full-time self-employed glass artist, jewellery designer/maker and illustrator. It doesnt make me rich (far from it!) but I love what I do with all of my heart and that is what makes all of the difference! I’ve suffered with M.E. for well over 16 years now, which has meant that “regular” employment is not an option for me, so this business is my complete passion and focus.

I’m based in the UK, which has an amazing amount of stunning scenery, myths, legends and history – this provides me with a great range of sources of inspiration, from mountains, to ancient forests and stone circles. I feel blessed to live in a land thats so rich in the Earth’s bounties and with such a deep and varied history.I am also a Pagan and environmentalist. My spirituality, pantheist beliefs, and love of nature and the earth play a big part in my inspiration. There is always a lot of “me” in a piece of my work. I really do enjoy the artistic progress, following the flow from inspiration to creation to completion – I get such a buzz!

I love getting out and about in the UK and “experiencing” and connecting to the landscape. It may be hard doing this living in an urban setting, but we are at least very lucky to live only a short trip from the Peak District, Cheshire and North Wales, so we try to get “out there” as much as we practically can. My favourite haunts at the moment are Silbury Hill & Avebury, Tal-y-fan in Conwy and Arbor Low in Derbyshire.


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